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  As many of its clients will attest, The Gerald Hoffman Company provides continuing value by nurturing long-term relationships—acting as a sounding board, offering advice, and funneling relevant information.
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Especially in such a rapidly changing IT environment, knowledge often differentiates the leaders.

This "Ideas & Opinions" section provides important business insights including:
  • Current observations and best practices
  • Discussions of trends in technology and commerce
  • Observations of human issues that enable or disable progress

My goal for this section it to stimulate thought (both mine and yours) about some of the important issues facing IT as a profession. I have chosen the blog format to encourage you to comment. I solicit your comments.


Table of Contents

Some Thoughts About IT Governance

Information Technonogy in 2022

Another Kind of IT Project Failure

Save Money the Easy Way - Stop Doing Useless Things

Service Oriented Architecture - Is It Ready for Prime Time?

Ethics and the IT Professional

The Very Worst Kind of Identity Theft

How to Prevent IT Project Falures

Innovation and Chaos