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META PLANNING™ – How to achieve IT project success
by Gerald M. Hoffman © 2006

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
A Better Way to Manage Projects
Chapter 2
Projects – The  Tools That Change the World
Chapter 3
The Ubiquity of IT Project Failure
Chapter 4
Why IT Projects Fail – A Root Cause Analysis
Chapter 5
Rooting Out the Root Causes of Project Failure
Chapter 6
The Road to Long Term Success
Chapter 7
Other Roads to Travel
Appendix 1
Elements of Project Management
Appendix 2
Meta Planning Workshop Seminar
Appendix 3
Checklists and Other Tools

“Dr. Hoffman’s book is a marvelous review of the root causes of project management failures and the precursors to such root causes. Even more delightful is the book’s suggestions of mitigators, that is, factors and actions which can “root out” the causes of project failures.  Dr. Hoffman then proceeds to offer not only actionable items but also an educational program to brief and educate managers and executives of the causes of failures and what they can do about them.”  --  Dr. Elie Geisler, Professor of Organizational Development, Illinois Institute of Technology

“Once again, Gerry Hoffman has shown that common sense is just not common enough! If project teams continue to do the same things and expect a different result, they – and their companies – will be sorely disappointed! With a rational analysis of IT project failures, a no-nonsense style of writing, and Hoffman’s wit and wisdom, Meta Planning offers a systematic way for an organization to proactively mitigate the common root causes of project failure – before the failures occur.”  -- Dr. Linda Brennan, PE, PMP

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